MAY 11, 2019

2S2A1388 copy 2.jpg

2nd shot for Michelle Chartrand Photography

This was my first time working with Michelle and it was suuuuch a great time. I'm so glad I was available last minute! 

I started the day in Surrey at Elias' parents house to capture a few getting ready shots of him and the groomsmen, and I immediately knew it was going to be a fun day! Elias was super nice, super funny, and super chill! It was a short little amount of time spent there and we were off to Langley Golf Course where we reconnected and caught them in a hall upstairs unpacking the tequila and the amazing custom engraved whiskey glasses Elias had made as groomsmen gifts! I finally learned how to properly attach a boutonniere (which has certainly come in handy since) by trial and error with these guys! As Michelle was downstairs finishing up with the girls, I snuck around and grabbed some detail shots of the decor, and then it was ceremony time!

According to Elias and Jessica, true to Guatemalan stereotypes, the vast majority of the guests were late! Once we finally got everyone in place, though, it was a beautiful, passionate ceremony officiated by family members in both English and Spanish. The sun was really beating down on us out on the lawn, but it didn't seem to bother the bride and groom in the slightest. 

After the ceremony, Michelle and I booted it ahead of the wedding party to a park she had thought might be a good place for portraits to scout out the terrain. It turned out to be such a beautiful lush spot despite its size! Major kudos to Jessica for being willing to wade into the tall grass in her extravagant dress, heels, and enormous cathedral mantilla veil! The shots speak for themselves! Super worth it!

After that it was back to the golf course for a great reception in the bright, airy upstairs ballroom. The food was delicious, the speeches were emotional, and somewhere in there Michelle and I managed to steal Jessica and Elias away one last time for some sunset portraits.

Such a joy to meet these two, and to work with Michelle who was so open, sweet, and collaborative.