Q: What are your prices?

A: Please drop me a line either via email or the contact page and I would be happy to send you an up-to-date pricing guide!

Q: How far in advance do you book weddings?

A: Typically 6-14 months in advance, however I’m happy to take shorter notice bookings if I have availability!

Q: Are you willing to travel to shoot a wedding?

A: YES, YES, & YES!! Absolutely– I love to travel, and jump at the chance to do weddings outside of Vancouver! Whether it’s a quick hop over to the island or into the interior, or further afield across Canada or abroad, please do not hesitate to ask! Travel fees are not included in package prices, but packages maybe heavily adjustable for the right destination ;)

Q: Why should we consider a second shooter?

A: A 2nd shooter allows a lot more breathing room in the daily schedule and literally allows me to be in two places at once! During getting ready, I will be with the bride and her bridesmaids, while my 2nd shooter will be with the groom and his groomsmen- this lets us take our time to capture those extra special detail shots you’ve been eyeing all over Pinterest! During the ceremony, one of us will be up front working on getting the close-ups so that no reaction is missed, while the other will be working around the edges to capture wider-scale shots of the whole ceremony and atmosphere, including your loved ones and the ceremony space. For portraits, while I am busy capturing those special moments, my 2nd shooter is free to help me with things like posing, lighting, and also to wander around and get candids of your guests enjoying themselves. I highly recommend creating room in your budget for hiring one!

Q: How many edited images will we receive from you?

A: For engagement sessions, you will be looking at approx. 30-50 images per hour. For weddings, you will receive between 750-1200 images for single photographer packages, and 1000-1500+ images for 1st & 2nd shooter packages. You can generally rely on about 60-70 images per hour for single shooting, and 70-90/hr with a second shooter.

Q: When will we receive our photos?

A: During wedding season (early May – end of September) digital delivery time is 6-8 weeks. During the off-season, 4-6. (Hard copies will be an additional 4-5 weeks)

Q: What is your opinion on an unplugged ceremony?

A: I can’t express how much I support this! Having your guests turn off their phones and keep them in their pockets has so many benefits for your ceremony. Obviously we can start with the fact that you won’t have to worry about accidental disruptions. The next benefit is that you have already hired a professional to capture your special moment- nobody needs to worry about taking their own photos and inadvertently blocking, or their flash ruining the shots of the pro you hired! Lastly, but most importantly, you will be able to walk down that aisle greeted by the faces of your loved ones instead of screens. There will be no fiddling with phones and cameras, no changing lenses, no missed moments because Auntie Jane was busy trying to turn off her flash! Just you and the most important people to you sharing in one of the most special moments of your life. 

Q: Can I give you a list of pictures I want you to take?

A: I generally do not work off of a shot list aside from family formals, but if there is anything in particular that is extremely important to you (a sentimental detail or tribute etc), please let me know and I will do my best to accommodate it.

Q: Do you do family/anniversary/newborn/ maternity/etc sessions?

A: Yes to all! Prices vary from between $300-600. Please email for a custom quote.

Q: What is the best time of day to take photos?

A: Golden hour! The 60-90 minutes before sun sets provides the most beautiful light. This time of day is the best time for your couple portraits. I highly recommend scheduling your day so that you are able to either finish your ceremony with an hour or two before sunset, or take 30-60 minutes out of your time to steal away with me to capture some intimate couple portraits during this gorgeous light! You will not regret it. 

Q: Do you offer bridal boudoir sessions?

A: Absolutely! I love doing these- clients generally come to me feeling a bit self-conscious or nervous, but always leave  feeling empowered and strong! Helping people feel good about themselves is one of my very favourite aspects of my job. Not to mention they make a wonderful wedding/anniversary/valentine gift for your soon-to-be spouse! These sessions are always fun- feel free to bring a friend to help you feel more relaxed, as well as some tunes and a glass or two of wine! Pricing starts at $500. Books/ albums are available for an additional fee.

Q: How do we book?

A: You can either email me directly at laura.dun@hotmail.com, or you can reach out through the form on my connect page (please be sure to include your email!). To secure a date, a signed contract and retainer is required.